Texas Journalism Program

Throughout my years in Moody College of Communication's Journalism program I have written a lot of articles. Here are a few.

Humans of Religion


Religion has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. Neanderthals practiced burial rites in 98000 B.C. and today there are over 4000 religions being practiced around the world. During those thousands of years, people have been persecuted for their religion too.

Students Protest Against Racism

Photojournalism piece about protesting a fraternity party.

Austin Bicycle Advisory Council Favors Bike Lanes on Mesa Drive


Tuesday night the Austin Bicycle Advisory Council voted in favor of bicycle lanes on Mesa Drive in northwest Austin.

Sustainable Food at The University of Texas at Austin

Video package created for Reporting Images.

University Fashion Group Attends New York Fashion Week

A radio news package for Digital Storytelling.


Journalism Portfolio project about food critics.