Design Portfolio

These are samples of graphic design I’ve created for clients, university and others.

Project 3 Cover Final.jpg

West Magazine Cover

West Magazine is a West Texas travel magazine concept created for a senior graphic design class.



City of Palms Menu is inspired by my love of food and my time as a restaurant critic in Fort Myers, Florida. 

Final Project 5.jpg

Cause Poster

Created for a senior graphic design course, this poster represents my sense of humor.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 6.54.49 PM.png

West Magazine Spread

This spread was created as part of the West Magazine concept.

Draft Business Card.jpg

Business Card + Logo Design

This logo was created for a senior graphic design class. Created in Adobe Illustrator, the logo represents my brand.

Book Cover.jpg

Book Cover Re-Design

Having read "The Official Preppy Handbook" in high school I decided to re-design the book cover.