Arcadia London

While studying abroad in London at Arcadia University, I took a travel and feature writing course. We wrote three pieces to be placed in the London Travel Guide for future students.


Where to find your perfect instagram in London


As you scroll through Instagram, there are millions of photos of Big Ben and Tower Bridge. But why post photos of those when you can find something more off-the beaten path?


Unseen Tours: London

When walking past The Coal Hole pub, my tour guide, Viv, looks lovingly at the tables outside and says “I used to get money from Dumbledore.” It turns out Richard Harris was a frequent...


SLices as big as your head: Homeslice Pizza Review

When your waiter steps out of the kitchen walks determinedly to your table with slices of pizza slightly larger than your head you might want to freak out. How can one person eat two of those slices? Why did you do this to yourself? But by the time the check comes around you will be wiping the pizza sauce off your face with a smile after demolishing every single bite.